Let the image speak through minimalist design.

The OSCAM museum website where art comes first


As a museum, you should use your images.

Art and artists are featured on the OSCAM museum website. At the same time, their branding is translated into a minimalist design. This gives images all the space they deserve. While also giving a glimpse into the experience of an exhibition. The OSCAM website contains a lot of content pages in addition to the standard program format. WordPress allows the team to easily maintain all content.


  • Domain transfer
  • Set up SSD hosting with SSL certificate
  • WordPress theme design customization
  • WordPress website development
  • Gmail domain integration
De OSCAM museum website waar kunst centraal staat. Beeld laten spreken door minimalistisch ontwerp.
Het visual design voor het OSCAM museum programma. Minimalistisch design met grote typografie.

Easy-to-use content manager

The OSCAM museum website is easy to maintain with WordPress. Each team member has their own account with which content can be added and edited.

Digital partner

In recent years, several websites have been created for Marian Duff based on WordPress. Founder of OSCAM – the museum platform for art, fashion, design, craftsmanship and development in Amsterdam. This makes all platforms involved comparable in managing content.

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