Increasing online reach.

Growing online store Maha Amsterdam through social ads


Stimulate growth

Grow webshop Maha Amsterdam through interactive advertisements with social ads. As a digital strategist I support Maha Amsterdam in increasing its online reach. The result, a higher number of website visitors per month. To stimulate this growth, I worked on a social advertising strategy.

Monthly results:

  • 250,000 women from targer audience are reached
  • 1,000,000 impressions on Instagram & Facebook
  • 10,000 webshop visits
  • +/- 250% ROAS


  • Research social accounts & partners
  • Set up tracking & data collection
  • Creating social advertising strategy
  • Advising content creation with the team
  • Create Facebook audiences based on pixel
  • Create, monitor and optimize ads
  • Data analyzes and reports
Interactieve advertenties met social ads voor Maha Amsterdam. Bereik vergroten op Facebook en Instagram.

Ads based on data

Maha Amsterdam distinguishes itself from other sportswear retailers by its target group and products. In the Randstad, the brand is known as the women’s sportswear fashion retailer. All these values are included in the ads.

Warrior Sport Shoes bereikt nieuwe doelgroep met sponsored posts
Data provides insights

Based on the data analyzes and reports, Maha Amsterdam can determine how it distribute its ads each month. This allows us to respond to specific business needs and situations. Growth webshop Maha Amsterdam through insights and strategy.

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