A new product for a new audience.

Warrior Sports Shoes reaches target audience with sponsored posts


Warrior Sport Shoes reaches new audience

This year, Warrior Sports Shoes launched two new models of sneakers. A high-profile runner called “Ritmo” and the more classic high-tier boot “Matterhorn. A new direction – especially compared to their previous styles. To make this new direction a success, the unique clothing and sneaker brand decided to increase its reach and sales by launching the new product line on Instagram and Facebook. Our agency was asked to indentify the brand’s new target audience, create brand-aligned social ads on Facebook and Instagram, and optimize conversions. Warrior Sport Shoes is now reaching its new target audience in this way.

Monthly results:

  • 300,000 people from the target audience reached
  • 800,000 impressions on Instagram & Facebook
  • 7,000 webshop visits
  • +/- 200% ROAS
Warrior Sports Shoes in social ads op Facebook & Instagram

1. Audience Research and Targeting

To ensure effective ad campaigns, we conducted extensive research to identify Warrior Sports Shoes’ ideal customer profile. We used social media analysis tools and audience insights to identify demographics, interests and behaviors of potential customers who would be interested in their new product line.

2. Advertising campaign strategy

Using our audience research, we developed a unique social advertising strategy for both Instagram and Facebook. This strategy includes ad creation, direction of ad copy and a budget allocation plan to maximize ROI. We target the identified audience segments with relevant messages.

3. Promoted posts and sponsored content

Eye-catching sponsored posts for both platforms, highlighting the unique features of Warrior Sports Shoes’ new product line. These messages are optimized for conversions, and we constantly test and optimize them based on data.

4. Monitoring and Analysis

We closely monitor ad performance and conversion data in real time. This allows us to make data-based adjustments to the campaigns and ensure we stay on track to achieve the goal of 200% ROI per month.

Warrior Sport Shoes bereikt nieuwe doelgroep met sponsored posts


After implementing the above strategies, the results are promising:

  • Consistent ROI growth from 150% to 200% on ad spend, exceeding client expectations.
  • Sponsored posts create Brand Awareness and Engagement
  • There is a monthly flow of high-quality traffic to the website.


By combining targeted social ad campaigns and sponsored content, we help Warrior Sports Shoes reach new audiences and increase sales.

Ritmo - Warrior Sport Shoes
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